Innovation on the Horizon

The year is 2021, QSC is funding a space mission and you have been selected as captain to man the operation. During an intelligence meeting at QSC in early January, it was revealed that a spaceship has been designed and manufactured under a top-secret project codenamed “Zoom”. This ship has the optimal capabilities to enable a return mission to and from Kepler-1649c, an exoplanet 300 light years away that has been described as the closest resemblance to Earth discovered to date with potentially habitable conditions.

Your mission is simple, lead your crew in QSC’s revolutionary spaceship through space and all its treacherous obstacles to reach this planet to allow for exploration.

The ship’s launch goes off without a hiccup and now you find yourself near the edge of Earth’s atmosphere. You will encounter many obstacles on your way to Kepler-1649c, make wise decisions or you crew may never see the surface of the Earth again.



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