Unearth: The Exploration of Space!

You are on an space exploration mission funded by the Queen's Space Conference... The brilliant QSC 2018 executive team has recently stumbled upon a giant leap forward in wormhole astrophysics - allowing human-made wormholes to become a space travel possibility.

Your mission is simple, don't come back until you find something interesting enough to convince the government - this was a good idea.

As you exit the wormhole, your ship locator shows you are near the center of the Andromeda galaxy. In a solar system which NASA is conviced harbors life. Oh no!!! The ship warning lights flash red. As captain, you instruct the crew to make course for the nearest planet. With the last boost of your engines your ship loses orbit, and plumets towards the planet below. The g-force is too strong, as you descend, you lose consciousness.

Choose your path well. And good luck, wherever that path may lead.



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